Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Size Issue.....

With the holiday season behind us and 2010 here in full effect, many of y'all have probably made a New Year's Resolution to shed a few pounds. I know I have lol.....

Around this time every very year, I have a little more than I should cause "it's the season to eat & be merry". Then January rolls around and I make a note to rid myself from some excess baggage (literally speaking).

Although I follow fashion trends, I've never had the desire to drop down to a "models impossible weight". Seriously? I'm no taller than 5'3, and enjoy rocking the healthy look. Now, I do have a few friends who have a healthy appetite and will never gain a pound and that's cool.....I mean that's part of their genetic make-up......

But for those who try to emulate the body-type of a runway model in an unhealthy way, then I find issues with that....

A few fellow bloggers have posted a photo shoot by ( a hip, chic, fierce & fabulous magazine that is a platform for Fashion and all things that go with it. Think - "uptown meets downtown, celebrities mingle with total unknowns, high art converses with underground culture" - Ladies & Gents this ='s VMagazine).

The infamous photo shoot that has been circling the web is the One Size Fits All Shoot by Terry Richardson. Here you'll see some images embraces both model & plus sizes.


So we've got two models:

Jacquelyn Runway Model: 5 ft, 9 in; 32/24/34
Crystal Renn Plus Size: 5 ft, 9 in; 36/31/41

My personal thoughts are that the model on the right (Crystal Renn) looks
fab, fierce & healthy.......In fact, she looks like most women I know~

In addition to this shoot, VMagzine is releasing The Size Issue (Every Body is Beautiful) on January 14, 2010. I think it's gonna be quite the read.

Let me know how you feel about this peeps......



  1. HEy,

    Thanks for following me, I´m your follower too know. I think it´s a very good point, you wrote here.
    I know a few people who had problems with anorexia and I think healthier models as beauty idols could help.

  2. I find it disturbing that the "plus size" model's measurements are very close to my own (just ordered a custom dress yesterday so they're at the tip of my mind). BUT I'm 3 inches shorter. And I have NEVER thought of myself as "plus size" ... I wear a 4-6 for goodness sake! What does that say about models who match up with normal plus size measurements??

  3. @Ay...You're welcome hun and thx for becoming a follower:) I definitely think that using "healthier looking models" is a bonus and should have been done a long time ago. It helps young girls & women to love their body image - cause they see something that they can relate too.

    @Mallory@MissMalaprop.....You've made a good point. Rather than label Crystal Renn as a plus size model, she should be labeled as a "Regular Sized" Model. As I mentioned....I'm about 5'3 and I wear a size 3-4. Does that make me a plus size petite model??

  4. I've always been a fan of fuller-figured models. There's a great site with many images of Crystal and other plus-size models here:

    They're all gorgeous.

    The site's forum also has thought-provoking discussions about body image and the media.

  5. @google_account.....I've checked out the site! It's fabulous - I think I'll be talking about this site on a future post:) Thx for the tip~

  6. I think the bigger model looks better in the clothes!

  7. I absolutely love this. I'm glad to see that things are changing for the better. Just recently I was on Youtube and saw these disgusting "Thinsperation" videos. I hope those videos will one day be viewed by everyone as barbaric.

  8. @Michael St. James....I totally agree with you! Not only does Crystal look better, but she's rockin confidence like nobody's business!

    @Audrey....For curiosity's sake I will check out that "Thinsperation" video. I may have to speak on that. Glad you liked the post:)

  9. I too agree with Michael, Crystal is rockin' it! I'm always curious when I see a model described as 'plus-size' only to find out that she's a size 6 or something. As a proud size 16, I always thought that plus size described a person size 12 and up.
    I am loving this post lady!!

  10. @Reese....Yes girl, Crystal is definitely workin & rockin it! I'm glad you like the post hun. And like you, I thought a "plus-size" was 12 & up. I'm so happy to hear that you're proud in your size as I am in mine:)

  11. i agree. the model on the left looks way better. shes workin her curves!

    great post! im interested to see what that magazine comes out with next week.

  12. @Mich....Again we've got another vote for Crystal. I can't wait to see the issue next week too!


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