Saturday, August 1, 2009

This Post Is For Those Who Love Pets!!!

Yesterday, I promised that I was going to talk about a dear & close (like sister kinda close), friend of mine and her new business venture. La-Toya's biz is called DRYPET (a pet owner's dream) and it is now officially up & running.

If you've ever struggled with getting your dog (or cat ) dry after being wet (you know, this could happen after a bath, swimming in a lake, romping in the snow or simply getting caught in the rain), then here's the solution to the problem.

The DRYPET towel holds more water than a normal cotton towel. Can you guess what that means? That "drying your pet" time gets cut down drastically. The towel itself is adorable (there's paw prints on the corner -so cute). Love it~

I don't have a dog right now......but I used to. And I remember those days trying to get him dry after a bath....blah can you say frustration?? I wish I had something like this then.

But, I do have a cat now, (her name is Kendal) who every now and then, likes to sneak out onto my balcony, jump off and go galavanting sometimes for hours at a time lol, (I posted about this not too long ago). One of these days she's gonna waltz back to my place drenched from the rain, or a sprinkler, a puddle.....whatever. And, I'm gonna have to dry her off.

My cutie....

So, I have me a towel with her name on it lol, that'll do the trick:)

If you're interested and wanna get your hands on one, check out the site Or feel free to send an email to

Hope y'all are having a beautiful afternoon.....


(PS. I've been playing soca & calypso music all day.....been dancing up a storm in my living room, and can't wait to head out tonight. All of those who made it to Caribana, I'm with you in spirit - for real)


  1. oh that's cool that you have a towel with her name on it!


  2. @Toothfairynotes: Yep....drying her off will be a breeze!

  3. adorable

    Become a follower of my blog

    Ms. T

  4. Thanks for the write up on my company girl!! Drypet it hot people are loving the towels

  5. Thanks for the bigs up shut outs! drypet is where its at if you have a pet... holla


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