Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Can You Believe That 2010 Is Just Around The Corner?

Time has been flying by so quickly over the past couple of days. I know that this happens every year, but the minute I finally feel like I've recuperated from the hustle & bustle of Christmas, New Year's sneaks right up on me.....

I'm trading in the glam and the glitz this year for a chilled out New Years Eve. So, rather than head out for a night on the town, I'll be partying it up at a friends house:)

It doesn't mean I won't be "blinging out", this New Years, (trust me, I can't do it without it). But having a chilled out night will mean that I'll be toning it down a bit. This means that I won't be rocking a dress like one of these:


I checked out Flickr to found some alternative looks that you can put together to ring in the New Year (just in case you're keeping in low-key this year like I am)



Fluff Fox


If you're partying it up in style this year and post a photo someplace - let me know! I'd love to see it:)

Now, I'm gonna move from fashion to music. This is definitely the time of year where I like to reminisce about the songs that had me moving over the past year....

I'll post two tracks tonight.

The first one has been posted on The Creative Mixx back when it was released. And, I still love it.

Next up, I'll be posting a Drake joint for y'all. Now I wasn't feelin this video back when I first saw it and months later, I still don't get it....

Anyhoo....I'm still feeling this track (regardless of the video)~

1 luv


  1. Love the feminine and flirty looks for New Year's parties! I'm digging that Poke Her Face song, but Drake is the most over-hyped rapper alive.


  2. Hey.

    I would love to be interview by you.

    Send questions to that address and I'll reply with answers.

    Your blog is fab. I'm now a follower.

  3. @Michael St. James....I'm glad you like the NYE's looks:) You're right about Drake though....I'm hoping things will die down soon and I won't hear about him every second minute. By the way...I'll be sending you an email later today. I'm gonna be interviewing bloggers on The Creative Mixx in 2010. I'd love to have you on for a feature!

    @Abbie B-C....Oh I'm so happy that you'd be interested in being interviewed! I'll send you an email. Thx for digging my blog:)


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