Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Time To Reminisce....

The holiday season is the perfect time to revert back to your youth. With the festive vibe I've been feeling at work and home over the past couple of days, I couldn't help but want to find some Vintage toys online. With a little been of searching, I found some things that bring me back.....way back. Some things I'm about to post aren't from my time, but I wish that they were:)

Laura Hardie




Blue Grass Booty



Hope I brought back memories peeps!

Now just wanna let you know that I'll be posting the winner of these fab pair of earrings from Purple Toes Jewellery!
tomorrow afternoon!

So stop by on Friday:)

I'm out....



  1. I had a boom box like that, but it was aqua if I remember correctly. My sister had the pink one. I also had a View Master sort of. I think it was called a View Finder though and was red. Had the Holly Hobbie bedroom set, but not the sewing machine. Maybe I wasn't coordinated enough for it (still not). Add the Sit and Spin, a big wheel, Digger the Dog, and some Strawberry Shortcake toys, and you would have raided my toybox.

  2. @Staci....Aw I'm jealous. You had a boom box like thisin aqua!!! Fabulous! I had a View Master too....can't remember what colour it was though. You definitely had a great collection of toys. Imagine if only you had kept them over the years, you'd be rolling in the dough. That's what I keep telling myself lol....


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