Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Wedding On New Year's Eve.....

A co-worker of mine has a friend that will be getting married tomorrow night - New Year's Eve. I think the idea is absolutely fabulous! What a wonderful way to ring in the new year. A wedding to mark 2010 got me thinking......

I haven't posted any wedding ideas on The Creative Mixx ever! How crazy is that?? I mean, summer has come & gone (a prime season for weddings) and I didn't mention this topic once!

Well, with a Vintage theme on my mind, I decided to show you some options for bringing the past into the present, while tying the know.

Whether you're the bride, groom, or guest, I found something fabulous for you~

Starting off with the guests, check out these lovely frocks......




Now this is for the groom......




The next set of photos have the Bride in mind~





These 2 photos caught my eye on Flickr earlier today. Taken by Rosie Parsons, it gives you the true feeling of a Vintage Wedding.....

Rosie Parsons

Rosie Parsons

To end things off for tonight. I'm gonna post two songs from a powerhouse celebrity couple that's still holding strong since their wedding. Yeah you guessed it, I'm talking about Jay-Z and the oh-so-fabulous Beyonce!

Night y'all~


  1. My friends friend is getting married tonight too. I think its pretty romantic to get married on new years eve BUT i dont know if i would want to share my anniversary with the holiday every year?

    but i guess it would help my husband to remember our anniversary.... haha

    Happy New Year!!! All the best in 2010!

  2. @Mich....I was thinking the same thing about sharing the anniversary with the holiday thing for about a minute. Then I realized that I wouldn't mind celebrating a new year with my hubby:)

    Have a Happy New Year as well girl! I hope that 2010 is fab year for ya~


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