Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Got A Little Something Before The Big Day~

Last Friday, my co-workers and I had the annual "Secret Santa" gift exchange and potluck. It was fun times mingling with each other, eating great food and most importantly opening our gifts. Working with creative people is a definite bonus - the gifts given & received were so unique that it blew my mind:)

I'll start off with showing you the gift that I purchased for my co-worker. As per usual, I headed over to Etsy for some ideas. I knew that I was looking for a cool pair of earrings that could be worn to work or out on the town.

I searched and searched until I fell upon a lovely shop called Sara Thomas Designs Studio. I gotta tell ya - there are so many lovely pieces available at her Etsy shop! In fact, I was so intrigued that I asked for an interview. So peeps, I've got good news, you can check back for a future "feature" post, cause Sarah is looking forward to appear on The Creative Mixx . In the meantime, have a look at the fabulous earrings that I bought~

The earrings arrived packaged to perfection with a personal note - so sweet:)

Now here's the gift that I got. I unwrapped the gift to reveal a neat looking silver box. I opened it further and literally gasped! Inside, was a beautiful vintage inspired necklace and knock-out earrings. Everyone knows that I have a thing for "bling" - so this was just my style~

I am in love! I

I also want to show you something else. We had a "Made By You" sale at work about a week and a half ago. Basically the concept was to have us bring in things that we've made - auction the items for sale to raise funds to spruce up our work space. Well let me tell you, there were some amazing items up for auction (or sale). There was everything from hand-made scarfs, to artwork, baked goods to jewellery.

I was lucky enough to grab the sweetest holiday gifts ever! I can't stress this enough, but I am thank my lucky stars sometimes for allowing me to work with such creative peeps. A lovely co-worker made these fab "potted" works of art. You get a pot, soil, and marigold seeds all packaged with love.
I decided to add a little extra touch - (the walnut ornaments are my subtle addition - my interpretation of adding a little bling to the green theme lol)

Have a look:

And a dear friend of mind, put together these "cookie in a jar" packages, including the dry ingredients, recipe & tiny cookie cutter - Love it!

If you've given a hand-made gift this year or received a fab holiday pre-gift? Let me know! I'd love to hear about it:)

Night y'all~

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