Thursday, December 3, 2009

Now This Man Is Worth Listening To Y'all!

The man I am about to introduce you to has his hands in so many projects that it's hard to keep count. By spreading positivity Sean Mauricette aka Subliminal is on a mission to inspire people (both young & old) to follow their dreams. I find it refreshing to hear about creative peeps pushing positivity, so I just had to get an interview.

Before I get started, I've gotta give another shout out to the wonderful world of Facebook. Thanks to this social networking site, we became FB friends and I quickly learned that he is definitely a person to watch out for! Initially I was drawn to his music, but soon became inspired by his message.....

Keep your eyes and ears open peeps, cause Sean dreams big~

What city are you based out of?
I grew up in Mississauga Ontario, and now live in Toronto and love it. Making the trek from Mississauga to Toronto for a 10 minute audition and then having to drive all the way back in rush hour just wasn’t cutting it…lol, but you do what you have to do (good for character!)

I've done my research and know that you're a man of many talents. Please break it down for my readers and let them know all that you do......
Well, I am a jack of all trades. I am part beatboxer, emcee, producer, actor, barber, turntablist/dj, host, mentor, motivational speaker, and hold a degree in Architecture from the university of Toronto. I have toured with artists such as Mos Def, and acted alongside actors such as Kevin Bacon, Howie Mandel and most recently Ving Rhames.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Hmmm…its always been something I feel inside. Depending on the task I often look at what’s being done, then look at what is not being done and go from there. Most recently with regard to my album ‘TRAINATHOUGHT’ which I produced, recorded, edited, mixed and did the art work for, I saw a need for some real hip hop music. I got frustrated with all the negativity and disrespecting of our women. People need to know that feel good, positive hip hop does exist and that it doesn’t have to be corny. I created a style of hip hop that I call Soul hop…neo soul meets hip hop. I am very proud of this project and have been getting a lot of love in Canada, the U.S. and now in the U.K. It took me 4 years to create this album and am excited to share it with anyone else out there who is craving some real music from a real place. As far as my campaign to get on the Oprah Winfrey show goes, that came about out of frustration with media in my own city who could care less about much of the good that I have been doing with the inner city youth. After countless invites to attend events I decided to pursue the big ‘O’! Why not? Its as I always say…’nothing ventured, nothing gained’. Last night I had a great conversation with one of Oprah’s executive producers of over 14 years…I cant say much more than that right now, but I will say that you have to put it out there and see what comes back to you, and sometimes it is much more than you could have ever asked for (hint hint).

Are you ever uninspired? If so, how do you get over the slump?
For sure. We all go through slumps. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by what I am trying to do musically and with youth. Trying to instill positivity in both these areas at a time where sex and negativity sell more, makes it very difficult at times to stay on track and not give up. When I get into these slumps I do what I learned in architecture school….to keep on sketching. When I say sketching I don’t mean it in a literal sense, I mean continue to write, make a beat, plan an event, etc. Though it is hard I basically re-energize myself by working my way through it and finding new ideas. It also never hurts to play a cd that moves you and surround yourself with positive people who understand you vision but will give you real advice and not just what you want to hear.

Name one item you can't live without?
My computer.

Any advice for newbies starting out?
I would say to always give it 110% when on stage. Be prepared cause you never know who is in the crowd watching. To put on a good show means to know your stuff, so rehearsal is important and it is always a good idea to video tape all of you shows and review them so as to learn and improve on the next one. Today’s generation has options that people could have only dreamed of ie. Internet, myspace, etc. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS!!!!

Looking ahead....what plans do you envision for the future of Sean Mauricette aka Subliminal?
I see my music career growing parallel with my acting career. Each will help the other , though I think the acting will open more doors. I would like to have a more permanent home on Television and hope this happens through working with people such as Tyler Perry, Bill Cosby or even Robert Townsend. These 3 individuals I feel could truly understand my goals and what I am trying to do…and that is give the people something ‘substative’ (that’s my own word!). I would like to break the stereotype of what it means to be an emcee, actor and even architect. My more immediate goal musically is to get a distribution/promotion deal so I can continue to give the people some real music that is about more than just degrading our women, money and shoes….its a much bigger world out there, with much more pressing issues that people need to hear about.

Well another interview has left me in high spirits. Hope you enjoyed it:)

You can catch Sean Mauricette aka Subliminal on youtube, myspace, twitter & facebook. Just click on the links y'all.

FYI Peeps:
The Album ‘TRAINATHOUGHT’ by a.k.a. SUBLIMINAL is available for download at: itunes, napster, rhapsody, emusic, amazon and can be ordered at: HMV, Chapters, Indigo and



  1. @David Burns Smith....I'm glad you liked it!!!!

  2. thank you for the love Necole! I appreciate it. Peace.

  3. @a.k.a.Subliminal....You're so welcome! It was a pleasure


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