Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Facebook Status....

I just wanted to share my Facebook Status with y'all

"Well 2009.....we're just about through. It's been fun, (even with the drama). But I'm ready to roll with 2010 now~"

Yep that's how I'm feelin everyone! I am really looking forward to the upcoming year. I still wanna continue doing what I've been doing with The Creative Mixx but I'm looking forward to seeing this blog grow.

Look out for new features like "Blogger Spotlight", "Street Stylz" & "Shop Talk". I'll even make more of an effort to post my music picks on the independent tip. (Blogger makes a little hard to post links to songs that are underground - but I'll make it work).

So, I want to give a big shoutout to all my Followers! Thank-you for joining me on The Creative Mixx and I wish you all the best in 2010. To all the readers that have stopped by for a visit - I wanna Thank-You. I appreciate all the luv that y'all have had for The Creative Mixx.


To get me in the mood, I've been listening to some of my fave Toronto tunes for 2009. (If you didn't already know - I was born & bred in the T-Dot. So, I was listening some some of these TO artists in 2009.

Andreena Mill

Shaun Boothe

Jully Black


Shad (gotta a tip about him in 2009 and I'm still blown away by his skillz)

1luv peeps and stay safe~

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