Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Day Is Finally Here - It's Time To Reveal Another Winner Y'all!!

Hey peeps.....hope y'all had a relaxing week-end, cause I didn't lol~
I had fun, but I've been going non-stop since Friday:(
Finally I have finally squeezed in a couple of hours to relax and blog (of course).

Now as you know, tonight I'll be announcing the winner of this lovely vintage inspired necklace courtesy of Nathalie at Skeptis.
I appreciate all the comments that I've received earlier this week. I also want to give a huge Thank-you to all you you who have been following The Creative Mixx from conception and to those of you who have just joined The Creative Mixx fam:)

Ok..I've got tell y'all something first though. The fact that I am revealing the lucky winner of this lovely vintage item today couldn't be more fitting. You see, I've been keeeping it old skool from the moment I woke up until now:)

It started off with me hearing this tune on the radio....

Then I randomly found these two videos. One video is an oldie but goody and the other is more recent, but still reminds me of the good ole days....

First up - Young MC's (Bust A Move)

Next up - Kidz in the Hall's (I Got It Made 09 - Reebox Classic)

Then I found some of these old skool digs and I had to share~

Filthy Dripped (styles from the "80's punk era to the 90's hip hop scene, and everything in between") is where I found these legendary CAZAL sunglasses..

I'd say that females could rock this one from Whatthefunk

At OldSkoolApparel, I found this! That's right - a Silver Boom Box Stereo Tape Player yo! I'm sure that it still sits nicely on the shoulder.....

RaggedyThreads had this cool Adidas jacket....

VargasVintage - You know I had to post a pair of Adidas Shoes (they're Men's and get this? They've never been worn!!!)

This two-finger ring isn't vintage, but so perfect:)
Ok enough about me and my reminiscing lol.....

The Winner of the fourth contest on The Creative Mixx is..........

Mich from Who is Mich?

Congrats girl!!! A lovely necklace will be on its way to ya!

I'll send you a message with all the details~


  1. I lol-ed so hard when i saw that boombox! And I love that ring so much! Good Finds!

  2. @RoByn LaTice.....haha, glad I cracked you up:) I owned one like that back in the day - I just grab one just for fun!

  3. Yayyyy!!!!!! im so excited! thank you so much TCM!


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