Friday, November 20, 2009

Etsy Gave Me An Idea.......

Etsy sent out an email today with 80 gift ideas under $50.00.....

I loved most of their selection, but I wanted to take this idea a step further. I decided to look for lovely gift items that you could get for $25.00US (including shipping!!!)

With roughly 5 weeks left for holiday shopping, I figured I'd help to reduce some of the stress for y'all:)

Hope you enjoy my picks!

Heidi Louise Designer Bootmaker

Boxes 'N' More

Happy Family




I have only scratched the surface with my search to find Holiday Gifts under $25.00. I hope you like what I've found so far, but I think I'll continue to showcase ideas in this price range until Christmas~

Before I go, I forgot to mention some great news!

Some of y'all may remember an interview that I posted a while back with one of the co-founders of The S.W.A.P Team (Aleece Germano) - Click HERE for a recap.

Well peeps, brace yourselves, cause I'll be heading the Calgary chapter!!! That's right, an amazing Swap event will be planned in this city next Spring. (I'm thinking either April/May). I'll need a lot of help to make this event a memorable one. So, If you live in the city and would love to volunteer, feel free to send an email to

I've been lucky enough to have recruited a great deal of volunteers already - Thanks everyone!!!

Have a fabulous Friday night peeps


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  1. Love that wine bottle holder and the silver headband!


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