Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tis The Season For Fingerless Gloves & Leg Warmers

Well, it's really beginning to feel like Autumn here in Calgary. But, I'm feeling a little on edge about it. I'm just expecting that "white stuff" to fall from the sky any minute now....
I know, I know, I should be enjoying the "fall-like" weather that we've been having lately, but things are so unpredictable, (where the weather is concerned), that I can't help expecting another snowfall.....

Anyhoo, when we did get snow a couple of weeks ago, I noticed that my hands were pretty chilly at work. A couple of my co-workers started to wear their fingerless gloves and I started thinking...... I seriously need to get me a pair!

I know it's useless for Calgary's winters, (cause seriously? It can get so cold, that you literally expect your fingers to fall off), but it's a cute fashion accessory for indoors.

So I've found some cool fingerless gloves to showcase.


100 percent cashmere upcycled arm warmers a little longer

Felted Pleasure
Merlot and Chocolate


Black Mid-Length Armwarmers - Free Shipping

Xmittens - Hot Pink fingerless fleece gloves with BLACK 3D thread details- SIZE SMALL

Free Shipping Sale- Black Neo-Victorian fingerless gloves

Dusty Rose Pink Fingerless Gloves

As I was searching for fabulous gloves, I stumbled on some leg warmers too. Now, I remember owning a couple pairs of these back in the day, ( I thank "Fame" for that lol). But, honestly I'm really diggin the revamped leg warmer. Have a look at some of my finds~ (I think they're sweet!)

Maison Delucille
esme legwarmers

Little Miss Frilly
Little Miss Frilly flower leg warmers new winter item

American Apparel
Long Leg Warmer


Knitted Long wool cable Leg Warmers in Dark Grey -- Medium size


Leg Warmers - Black - Merino

Plum Leg Warmer Spats Style with Buttons - NEW DESIGN

Hope you liked my finds tonight:)

Night y'all~


  1. I've never been a fan of leg warmers, but fingerless gloves are one of my faves! In fact, I just bought a hoodie with the gloves attached. Sure my hands sweat all day, but it looks cool!


  2. @Michael St. James......I know leg warmers aren't for everyone lol. It definitely helps when you live in city that gets as cold as mine:)
    Oooh... a hoodie with gloves! Love the idea - must be fab~

  3. Now come on. You know the reason you really want the leg warmers is so you can recreate the opening sequence from Flashdance. She's a maniac, maniac, on the floor...

    Dumb question though. When it's cold, do you wear fingered gloves with the fingerless one? It doesn't seem like they'd do you much good otherwise. Kind of just like long sleeves.

    Hey, I'm from South Georgia originally & went to college in Florida. I get cold when it drops below 70 so I don't understand all these cold weather things. I do, however, need to buy a pair of gloves, fingered or fingerless, because I have no idea what happened to mine from last year.

  4. @Staci....Lol Yes you are right. I've been dreaming of leg warmers just to "bust a move" Flashdance style in my living room:)

    Since you're from South Georgia (lucky duck)...I'll fill you in on what to do when it gets cold. Fingerless gloves are not the answer. But if you feel that you need to go fingerless, then you need fingered gloves to accompany them and you might want to add a pair of thick woolen mitts too~


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