Thursday, November 5, 2009

Something for the Men & the Ladies!

It was absolutely gorgeous today! I know, all I've been doing at the beginning of my posts is comment about the weather lately, but I can't help it! When you get a record high of 20 degrees Celsius, I've just gotta mention it.... (Oh and that's 68 degrees Fahrenheit peeps - I know Staci, that still might be a bit cold for you lol, but it was so warm for me). Mother Nature has been giving us Calgary peeps a break lately, but I'm still apprehensive. So, I haven't put my ice scraper away yet, (cause I know I'm gonna have to pull it out soon lol)

Anyhoo, enough about that!

Tonight, I've got some finds for both my male & female readers!

I got a message from Royal Family Clothing on the Fashion Industry Network the other day, so I checked out their site to see what they were all about. Cliff Wiener and Alex Kenny are the musically talented, masterminds behind Royal Family, mixing their love for music, art, comics, diamonds and crowns into one wicked brand of wearable art.

These edgy "street-wear" T's & Hoodies are designed for both women & men. Now as much as I love to get all "dolled" up, I enjoy chillaxin in jeans, a hoodie and a T-Shirt, just as much. There's a great selection of cool designs and some even look like they're "tattoo inspired!" - here are my faves~

They've gotta contest going on right now, where you can win FREE Royal Family Clothing merchandise! You've gotta be on Twitter to enter this one. Click HERE for the contest details!

Click HERE to view their cool swag~

Click HERE to join their Facebook group

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