Friday, November 27, 2009

It's Party Time!!!

So the day is finally here for my Holiday party!!!

I'm off to get a haircut, but will be posting photos of my outfit tomorrow so stay tuned:)

I've always known about the Polyvore site but never used it. When I discovered that you could create a set using Vintage pieces, I was estatic!!!

So keeping with the theme of Holiday Glam, I decided to create a set of Vintage (and vintage inspired pieces) that would act as the perfect outfit for a party during the winter season.....


To all of you who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday, I hope that it was a memorable one with family & friends:)

Here's a Fabulous gift idea from TheHomeCentric

K...this item is just under $25.00, (coming in at $24.65 due to a Black Friday Sale)

So shipping would push you over $25.00 (but it is soooo worth it)



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