Thursday, November 19, 2009

I've Done Some Shopping Today!

My shopping experience began earlier today on my lunch hour~

The countdown is on and I had to find a dress for my holiday party that's happening next Friday. I know, I've shown you some fabulous finds from my infamous online searches, but being the procrastinator that I am, I've left everything to the last minute. So, I didn't want to order something online for fear of it not arriving on time or not fitting right:(

I work in a lovely neighbourhood with loads of fantastic shops, so rather than hit the mall on the week-end, I decided to head out to find something fierce.

I know that I have mentioned this before, but I'll say it again - I love to go Consignment shopping. I've had nothing but luck finding unique items in the past so I figured, finding a holiday dress should be a breeze!

There are two consignment shops that I frequent often Trend & Peacock Boutique.

I stopped by Trend first and unfortunately I was disappointed.....

With the holiday season just around the corner, that equals one thing - loads of parties!!!

So you'd think that there would be a huge selection of dresses & skirts to choose from. Sadly, there was 1 1/2 racks of dresses (some of which were for the summer season which really doesn't count, so there was actually 1 rack)

I wasn't entirely discouraged though. Just because there isn't a huge selection does not mean that you cannot score a fab find (I've found amazing finds there before)

After about 10 minutes though, I found nothing that could "work" for me.......

Since my lunch break had not ended yet, I walked (it was more like a jog), to my next destination - Peacock Boutique (140 - 10 St. NW)

It's been a while since I've stopped by, in fact its been too long...(I use to frequent this lovely shop regularly - but have been so busy)

Anyhoo, I was pretty optimistic that I would find something.....

As usual, Michelle Morigeau was there to greet me with a wonderful smile. She definitely knows her customers well, cause she mentioned that she hadn't seen me in ages lol.....

We chatted for a bit and I quickly went on the hunt. Almost instantly I found a top and fell in love. I had to have it. I know I was getting side-tracked, but I knew that I could get some serious "wear out of it".

Back to finding a dress - I searched through some racks, didn't really see anything that "wowed" me. Then I saw a dress that screamed my name. It was on a mannequin & styled to perfection. I asked Michelle, if she wouldn't mind if I tried it on and in seconds, I was in the dressing with this hot red number. It pretty much fits perfectly! I found "the" dress!!! - Mission accomplished:)

As I was about pay - Michelle told me of an event she was having that evening at the shop!
Peacock Boutique was having a Wine & Cheese event from 6:30 to 8:30! I thought, what a wonderful idea!!! Basically, if I went to the event, I could enjoy refreshments, meet like-minded ladies and shop afterhours! Here's the bonus - 15% off regular priced items, just for showing up!!!

This was perfect! Not only was I going to get a little extra off the price of the dress, but I had something to blog about tonight!

I arrived at the Wine & Cheese After Hours event around 7:30 and the shop was bustling with ladies shopping and socializing.

I want to show you some items that caught my eye tonight~

First up - Shoes & Boots

I happen to love Michelle's sense of style, (that includes her personal style and her talent for styling the store and putting outfits together to captivate her customers). I found it funny to know, that initially when Michelle was faced with the opportunity of managing Peacock Boutique (back in March), she didn't think she was creative enough to be a stylist. In fact she felt that her Retail skills were stronger. I had to reassure her that I felt that she was equally talented both in retail and styling. I think Michelle finally agrees, cause her goal is to be recognized as having Kensington's "Best Window Display"

My verdict? Peach Boutique definitely has style....

All in all the event was a success. What could me more fun than shopping while drinking a glass of wine~

Fyi peeps - This lovely shop has gotten busier lately, which must mean that people have been spreading the word....
If you are in Calgary, check out Peacock Boutique - family owned and around since 1975.

Before I go, I'm sure that you're wondering where's the photo of the dress I bought? Well I'll do the reveal next week-end - so stay tuned....



  1. I would like that first pair! YES MAAM!


  2. @Summer B....yes the first pair are HOTT....I forgot to check what size they were.....I'm gonna pop by again and if the "boot fits?", I'm gonna buy it:)


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