Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Can't Forget About The Shoes!

I'm glad y'all loved the dresses that I've been posting lately! Love your comments by the way~

But, even though I may have found some fab dresses to choose from, you can't forget about getting a fierce pair of shoes to complete your outfit!

So tonight, I've found some amazing shoes from all price points. So peeps, I've got options for those of you who are living the high life and can afford the finer things (with those hefty price tags), to the folks who like me (either want to or need to) , shop on the cheap but love to look like a million bucks!

Let's start off with the high-end finds.......


Here' Something on the moderate side.....


Little Burgundy

Rock-Bottom Prices (that's under 50 bucks y'all)


Well peeps, I'm out.....

Remember there's a GIVEAWAY goin on right now.....

You have the chance to win this lovely necklace courtesy of Skeptis

CLICK HERE to get a re-cap on the Contest Details!!!

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