Monday, November 2, 2009

Vintage Finds & Photography - What A Wonderful Combination!

Hey peeps! I meant to have this post up earlier, but I received a lovely call from a dear friend from way back..... we're talking high-school days y'all! It was so great to catch up on things that two hours later, I'm now ready to give you another fabulous interview!

I've gotta thank Etsy again for this amazing find~

I'd like to introduce you to a fierce couple by the names of Erin & Josh. They love rock and roll & vintage and so much more! Think tattoos, pinup girls, diners, doo-wops, drive ins, roller skates, switchblades, cheeseburgers, punk rock, velvet art (do you get the picture?). Well, I was definitely intrigued by them....
So, I just had to have them on The Creative Mixx! ( and aren't they the cutest couple ever?)

What city are you based out of?
we are based out of Cleveland, Ohio.

How did you tow get started? And how long have you been interested in recycling/upcycling items & photography?
As far as photography, we started going out and taking pictures together when we first met, which was almost a year and a half ago. We would make plans to "go on an adventure" on the weekends, which was a way to break the ice getting to know each other as well as spend time with a hobby that we each had prior to meeting each other. Nothing says, 'i like spending time with you!' like strolling through an empty cemetery together:)

I recently opened another store (FRENZY) as a place to purge some of my excess vintage and create some original pieces. I have had a passion for vintage and an addiction to thrift stores/flea markets for as long as I can remember [my house is a testament to this -- i should show you pictures!]. There comes a time when you just need to start weeding things out before it gets too overwhelming. Ha! I've also been trying to learn how to screen print, so there is some of that in there as well. I started screen printing different serial killers on pillowcases. I like to call it the "cuddle with a serial killer!" series. It might seem a little morbid to some, but it's all in fun. Josh and I are also huge fans of rock'n'roll, so we have toyed with the idea of printing stuff with our favorite early rockers whose merchandise is hard to come by. We have Buddy Holly stuff available so far.

Where do you guys get your inspiration from?
We are inspired by the past. We love forgotten treasures and the beauty you can find in unexpected places. We like livin' on the edge, and don't mind that our souls are a little darker than most:) We like to call our photography "underbelly art" because we enjoy taking pictures of the sleazier side of life. You won't find any photos of wildflowers for sale in our shop, but you WILL see crumbling headstones, rusty old hot rods and abandoned buildings from days long past. It might seem like junk to some, but hey...we dig it!

Are the two of you ever uninspired? If so, how do you get over the slump?
We are never uninspired as photographers because we both realize the wealth of possibilities out there just waiting to be discovered. We love stumbling upon something new and sharing it with everyone, as seen through our eyes. we might get discouraged sometimes because a hobby like this doesn't pay the bills, but it doesn't make our passion any less deep.

Name one item that you can't live without?
One item I couldn't live without would be my camera, of course. :) I collect memories, and there's nothing more fantastic than to look at a photo and go back to that special place again.

Any advice for newbies starting out?
My advice to people just starting out is to not get discouraged too easily. Just keep doing what you love doing, because that is the most important part. If other people love what you do also, that's a bonus! But first and foremost, be happy with what you're doing and make sure it comes from the heart.

Now, this busy duo has two Etsy shops. Frenzy Finds (run by Erin) & Swamp Rat Photography (run by Erin & Josh)

Here are my faves from Frenzy Finds - A wicked shop dedicated to recycling/upcycling items and giving them new life. That means Vintage y'all!

Here are my faves from Swamp Rat Photography~

Not only are there two shops to browse through, but there's a blog to check out as well. Click HERE to swing by....... Follow this fab pair on their photography adventures or read up about bands, etsy talk, and random nonsense:)



  1. WOW! this is the biggest honor ever! i can't thank you enough necole!!! it means so much to be featured in your awesome blog, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
    xoxo erin

  2. @Erin....Aw you are sooooo welcome:) I am so happy that you liked it~ Much love to ya!

  3. Excellent feature! Erin is awesome!

  4. @theLostEarring....Thanks! I know Erin is a-ma-zing!!!

  5. awwwwwww i feel all warm and fuzzy inside :D

  6. @Erin....seriously Erin, you're "mad cool"....

  7. So glad you featured them....they're awesome!


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