Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jackets & Coats....Oh My!!!

I haven't complained about the weather lately cause I've still been experiencing fabulous fall temperatures! I know you're as shocked as I am lol...... Today was a little windier that I'd have liked, but it was still mild so I'm going to complain about a thing~

As you know, I need to make a few purchases over the next week or two. A holiday dress, probably a pair of fierce shoes, a cute clutch (I'll be focusing on finding a breath-taking purse for a night out tomorrow - so stay tuned for that). But, most importantly, I need to get myself a winter coat.

Seriously, I'm shocked that I've made it to November 17th without one. So, rather than get caught in a bad situation, I'm gonna hook myself up......

Now, I'm not sure if I'm gonna go the "online" route, but if I do, I've found some wicked finds.....

Ok peeps, I have fallen in love with the Soia & Kyo site. I can't tell you whether the jackets are warm & sturdy....but I can tell you that they are to-die-for!!!!

Now I know that I'm looking for something with an "urban" feel, must keep me warm, but has to be stylish.....

So this is my absolute fave - love, love, love it!!!

But of course, I didn't stop there.....

I had to bring you that "Vintage Vibe"



And, from the clothing line Mizmi (straight out Miami) - Check this out~

Now before I head out, I have to post a hott video that's been everywhere yesterday....
If you haven't seen this yet, I'm happy to introduce you to the well-awaited, highly anticipated video with none other than Beyonce & Lady Gaga~
I'm lovin it and Lady Gaga gets her "dance on" and does her thing, while Beyonce doesn't disappoint - She's as fierce as ever.....



  1. Yes that video is HOT! And Im in love with the burgandy jacket for some reason! Total hotness!

  2. I have a somewhat similar problem. I have a heavy winter coat. I have a dress coat. I have a hoodie. I don't have a nice, in between coat, which is what I need right now. I've looked online at light coats and in stores until I'm so sick of looking at coats that I don't even want one anymore. I'd rather just be cold.

    That being said, every time I go in a store, I have to walk by the coats. I think it's my newest addiction or some weird love-hate deal.

    Of course, the ones I love most are the most expensive ones in the store. It just doesn't get cold here enough to justify a $200 coat. Doesn't stop me from wanting one though, once my eyes uncross from all the online browsing.


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