Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm Happy It's Friday.....

Yes it's true, I'm happy that it's Friday! I know that's a given, but I'm happy that I made it through the week without getting sick..... (I've been sick already and I'm not interested in going that route again.....)

I am feeling a little tired tonight....I've been lying on my couch for most of the evening and then I remembered that I have some lovely etsy shop owners that I meant to showcase a while (and that's a long while) ago......

Here's three shops that are worth a visit:)

Lunarbelle (been doing the jewellery thang in Australia for the last 5 yrs.)

(a graphic design student at Utah State University)

Beaded Jewelery By Susan (from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois - 18 yrs creating jewellery)

Now I thought I was off to bed, but Rihanna's interview with Diane Sawyer is on and you know everyone will be talking about it, so I wanna ensure that I'm "in the know".......

Oh, one more thing........

I didn't plan on posting about this tonight, but I figured that I can do this over the next couple of days. The thing is, I need to find me a dress for my Holiday party and I've got only 3 weeks to find one.

I tried on this dress from Fox Sparrow Vintage Boutique, (yes it's the one that I posted about the other day). I happen to be lucky enough to work with one of the fashionistas behind Fox Sparrow Vintage - Lindsay Sutton. Now, when I saw this dress in the flesh, I fell in love with it even more. It has a metallic green pattern, which is perfect for the holiday season. I would need to get some slight alterations done, but nothing major. So, this dress is an option.

As, I surfed the net this evening, I found some other cute dresses and figured it would be a great idea, to post some fab finds of holiday dresses over the next couple of days until I commit to one......

All of these dresses are from

My faves are dresses #2 & #3, what's your fave?


  1. My fave is definitely #3! That dress is HOT!

  2. Thanks for the feature on your wonderful blog which I've been following with interest!
    All three dresses are just adorable. If I had to choose then #3 is the go - I'm into fuschia pink at the moment.

  3. @Michael St. James...Yes #3 is HOTT! It's the Betsey Johnson Party Like It's Your Birthday Dress~ are so welcome:) So, dress #3 seems to be popular~

  4. @PinkBow....yes I think dress #2 is sweet:)

  5. I'm a little late but I love 2 and 3, #3 is my ultimate fave!

  6. @Reese....Yes #2 is definitely cute and Betsey Johnson kills it with dress #3!!!


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