Sunday, October 4, 2009

Brrr....It Was A Cold One Today!!!

I woke up this morning to see pockets of snow here and there!!! Absolutely ridiculous, I tell ya!
I had to venture off into the cold to run some errands, but when I got home and finished doing some things around the house, I started to view some more etsy shops for lovely items.....

Here are a few fab picks for y'all to view on this Sunday evening.

Tess at the CozyLittleCave has some fabulous oil and acrylic paintings to spruce up your space!
You can contact her for commissioned work too.

Adelle, is straight out of Melbourne, Austrailia! You'll find the sweetest items created by herself & her students (she's an Art & Design High School Teacher y'all....). You can also visit her blog at

At GaudetsGems's Etsy shop, you can find pretty jewellery made by the hands of a "southern girl"

I'm out y'all.....

To my Calgary peeps, stay warm:)



  1. excellent finds!! Love the art!!

  2. The green leaves necklace is funny... I wouldn't wear it though, but it's funny!

    I'm glad you liked the new blog layout!

  3. @Reagan....glad you liked the post:)

    @Toothfairynotes...Your welcome:)


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