Sunday, October 11, 2009

Now for Today's Post - Part 2

Thursday October 8, 2009 - Camera Battery - Dead, Pen Used For Jotting Down Notes - Kept Losing It - Sitting Front Row On Thursday Night's Show = Priceless

The night's event started off with a few obstacles. I thought the show was at Fashion Central, (207 - 8 Ave. SW) so Alyshia and I walked a couple of blocks there to find out that the Fashion show location was back @ the Banke (125 - 8 Ave. SW). I cursed a bit, only because it was freaking cold last night.

Anyhoo, we arrived at the Banke just in time to check in before the show. I guess it pays to attend two nights in a row because I was bumped up to Front Row seats peeps!!! My only criticism, was this gorgeous chandelier that was brightly lit on Tuesday was dim on Thursday (making the runway a little on the dark side)

None the less, I was siked! I grabbed my camera outta my bag and was ready to start clicking away. Arg!.... Right as I am about to turn my camera on, I notice that it already was on! In fact, it had been on since the night before. So photos were definitely out.......

On to plan B, I had my trusty Veer "I draw pictures all day" notebook (which I've just started using as of lately) and was ready to jot down some commentary.

The night was broken into two parts (I'll only have commentary for the first half I'm afraid. I got distracted as the night wore on....too busy chatting with my friend Alyshia and some other folks at the show). Anyhoo, the night started off with Lael Osness' 2010 collection.

The collection had a 50's feel with above the knee length dresses,with muted green silk (or chiffon) as accessories, accentuating the pieces as belted bands

- models with subtle bee-hives & short white gloves
- I especially enjoyed the muted lime green silk scarf-like accents
- my fave outfits - Design 1 = floral top, satin band, tangerine skirt (which I absolutely loved by the way)
- Design 2 = grey dress with lime green wrap-around scarf & crystal broach
- Design 3 "Palazzo" short pants with cropped purple top

My verdict on Lael Osness by Jennifer Sheppard= Brilliant!!!

The second show was fun! Jennifer Shepperd's Rock Steady line, gave us 80's inspired clothing inspired by music, with fluorescent limes, pinks, black & checkered patterns

What got me going was the jewellery used in the show. I just knew that I had to source out the jewellery designer. But as the show proceeded, and the jewellery pieces were incorporated into the designs, I realized that the designer of Hali Sweet was the mastermind behind the fabulous jewellery. She cleverly incorporates hard materials with delicate fabrics.

My faves:
- strapless dress with a chain-linked belt, and ruffle bottom
- what appeared to be a little black dress had a checkered patterned back
-chain-linked skirt worn over a bikini

I especially loved the look of the models used in this show. They gave you a pin-up girl feel with an 80's twist!

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