Monday, October 12, 2009

I've Decided To Fill You Guys In The Remainder Of My Fashion Week Experience Tomorrow....Instead I'm Gonna Showcase A Few Etsy Shops Tonight!!

To all my Canadian readers....Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I enjoyed a lovely dinner (cooked by me) yesterday with my fam....It was nice to chill out and enjoy some yummy food:) - I was pleasantly stuffed yesterday.

For those who are actually celebrating today....I hope your day has been an enjoyable one and I hope that you've eaten beyond capacity lol......

So, as the title of tonight's blog will be an Etsy shop showcase tonight.

Before I attended Fashion Week, I had a huge list of lovely peeps who were interested in being featured on The Creative Mixx. What a great way to start the week!!

The first etsy shop I'm gonna talk about is Wild Magnolia Studio with pendants, magnets & stationery.

If you're looking for Art, Photos, Beading or Crocheting pieces, then head over to Creative Fly Designz
My ultimate fave are her Breast Cancer Awareness bracelets

Next up, I've fallen in love with these hand made bowls made with 100% organically grown cotton yarn at Eco Chic Hand Knits

This item made it to Etsy's front page!!!

Here are some more adorable bowls:)

Now I've got one last shop to showcase tonight. But before I do, I've gotta remind you that about the Fabulous GIVEAWAY that's featured on The Creative Mixx this week.
There's a chance to win lovely earrings from piecebypeacedesigns!

CLICK HERE to read the contest details!!!!

To end off tonight's post, is additionsstyle. A shop where you can find jewellery pieces created with recycled hardware!

I'm out y'all and good luck to those who enter the latest contest on The Creative Mixx!!

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  1. You can tell I have redoing furniture on the brain because the first thing that I thought of when I saw the Wild Magnolia pics were that the magnets or pendants would make great mosaic tiles for a table or a serving tray.

    I really like the breast cancer bracelets. I need to get a job or a life or something soon so I can start wearing accessories like that again. I feel stupid sitting around the house or going to Walmart all decked out.


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