Friday, October 2, 2009

Oooh I Am So Excited!!!

Happy Friday peeps!!!

Wowsers! This has been a rather busy week for me and with Alberta Fashion week coming up next week, I will be on the go non-stop lol....

I have a few things to chat about tonight. First, I've gotta say that last night's screening of "Guy and Madeline on a park bench" was really good. It was definitely a "Film Fest" film.

Jam packed with loads of music, singing & tap-dancing; I was entertained the whole way through. The "documentary feel" of this film appealed to me (cause I love documentaries) and I felt that the characters were "real" - love that!

If you're into jazz....then this movie is right up your alley!

And, ending the night off at the BeatNiq jazz club was definitely a treat! I'm shocked that I had never been before and plan to head on down there again. There's nothing better than listening to live jazz, while engaging in fabulous conversation and enjoying a delicious meal. My friend Ghyslaine and I shared a dish of mussels, frites and fresh bread. It was the first time that I had ever tried mussels and they were amazing!!! Seriously? I can't believe that I had never tried them before - must do that again!!!

Now for my exciting news! There's a lot in store for The Creative Mixx.

I have a lot of interviews ahead, including one with a DJ that is ready to post. In the upcoming weeks you'll see an interview with a host of a show which celebrates the faces and places of Africa, an interview with a local Calgary designer and one with a Calgary Make-Up artist.

Oh and there's gonna be more!!! A few days ago, I posted on one of the forum posts with hopes of finding interesting creative peeps to talk about and the response was astounding!!!

I got a whack load of positive feedback (including some new followers - can I get a woot! woot!)

So, I have a huge roster of talented individuals to showcase over the next little while and another Giveaway is in the works!!!

Here's a few talented peeps that have some amazing shops!

Sonseeahray "Sonny" gives you wearable art with no two pieces alike - pure originality I tell ya!

CLICK HERE to visit her space for a unique shopping experience!

I personally love wearing T's, so I am happy to showcase some items by ColonyClothing.

CLICK HERE to add some cool screen-printed t-shirts to your wardrobe:)

Lastly, I bring you MissMelodyMaker, a third generation self taught sewer with lovely scarfs, bags, headbands & fabric bracelets.

CLICK HERE to source out some hand-sewn beauties.

Well I'm out y'all.....time to read some posts from my fellow bloggers:)



  1. Can't wait to see what Alberta Fashion Week looks like! ;) Hope you're enjoying your weekend!!!

  2. @Pink Bow....glad you liked the picks!!!

    @Dream Sequins...I'm excited, just one more sleep! My week-end was great....but cold:( Hope yours was fab!


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