Saturday, October 24, 2009

I *Heart* Polaroids!

It's about 20min after 4 and I'm actually home on a Saturday! It's been weeks since I've enjoyed laying around on the week-end.

I've actually been feeling a little under the weather over the past couple of days, so I knew that staying home was a must!!!

I've been meaning to post about Polaroids for the longest time.....

My friend Alyshia sent me a link to the photojojo store. If you're a photography enthusiast, then this online store's for you. It's got the coolest gifts & gear for the avid photographer!

Here are my absolute faves:

This is the Fuji Instax Instant Camera. It's a little different from the Polaroids we all remember from back in the day. This cute camera credit card-sized photos on bold Fuji film, while still retaining the classic instant film look we've all grown to love. With Christmas being just around the corner, this is definitely on my wish list:)

I loved this trendy digital camera case as well~

Oh and they call this "The Bad Ass Camera Bag" - Nuff said.....

Then I found a lovely shop on Etsy called jerseymaids that simply embraces Polaroids. Just take a look at some of these photos and you'll see what I mean......

And this wicked necklace was found at TillyBloom!

Even snappypendants had a cool Polaroid necklace

And I had to post these lovely necklaces from Regina Pierallini's - NYLightMetals site. I know....they're not Polaroids, but they've got a little *bling* and I think everyone can use a little *bling* in their lives:)

Now before I head out.....I had to share some fab news!!!
I got a "Media" invite to a fashion show this coming Thursday night. So I'll get a sneak peak into the Spring 2010 - 100 Wines line by David Walker!

I'm pretty excited and can't wait to blog about stay posted peeps!


  1. wow i love this post!
    very, very cool
    i want that bad-ass camera bag!

  2. @Janice....thanks! I'm glad that you liked the post:) And that bad-ass camera bag is definitely a must have~

  3. this is so hype!
    Who would of ever thought?
    i guess Jerseymaids did!

  4. kidding! Glad you liked the post:)


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