Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ooh I'm Off To The Jay-Z Concert Tonight!!!

Well peeps, I mentioned yesterday that I woke up to snow yesterday. Well the white stuff is still here today (and more of it). As I sit hear at my desk and gaze out my window to the left of me, it does look beautiful~ (but that's only cause I'm inside drive in to work wasn't the greatest but I made it!)

Well tonight's the night! I'm off to see Jay-Z tonight! I'm pretty excited and expect it to be amazing~

I figured I should post a little Jay-Z, N.E.R.D, & Wale and J. Cole.....

N.E.R.D = Love this joint~

Wale & J. Cole

And the infamous Jay Z!

Before I head out......

I'm in such a good mood that I've gotta show you some cute items that's kept me smiling all day:)

Since I'm of Jamaican descent, I love this Jamaican Pride Bracelet from ElectricPenquin

Here's some more fab pieces from this shop~

I swung over to Pippit's etsy shop Giftbearer

If you are passionate about timeless traditions then you should head on over to the Kinsmade etsy shop

Enjoy the rest of your evening peeps! I know I will:)

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  1. love the Jamaican bracelet! Big Ups!! the others are hot too

  2. Hmmm...snow??? Wow! Hope you had fun @ the concert. :)
    By the way... I'm really into funky jewelry, I love these pieces!

    ~Nina of *AF*

  3. @Curlylox....yes big ups ElectricPenguin!!!

    @Kelly Nina Kiyyah...Yep snow!!! I'm still trying to get over it lol..things are warming up today though:)
    Glad you love the jewellery Nina! I'll be showcasing a lot more, so stay tuned:)


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