Saturday, October 10, 2009

Well Peeps! I've Been MIA For A Couple Of Days....But I'm Back!!!

Hey Peeps!

Due to the 1st Annual Alberta Fashion week, my posts have been lacking:) Not only do I feel like I'm going through withdrawal, but I've missed y'all:) And I hope you've been well.

I have a couple of hours before I head out to the final show of the week. So the time has come for me to give you a re-cap of the past events.

First off, I've gotta say that the week has been a huge success!!! I am proud to have been a part of this weeks festivities and will definitely be back next year!

The photos that you are about to see will give you an inside look at innovative designs from various Albertan designers......

Although, I attended several after parties, I spent so much time "people watching" and admiring every one's "street style" that I forgot to grab some candid shots. Next year, I'll be "on the ball" and will be snapping photos constantly - for real~

Anyhoo, the Opening night was on Tuesday October 7 with 2 shows - Camile Prins' (Dutch Blonde line) & Adejoke Taiwo's (Alala line). Now for my Canadian readers that are driven by fashion, you may have recognized these names as they were both contestants of "Project Runway" Canada's Season Two!

The event took place at The Banke (a gorgeous spot @ 125 - 8 Ave. SW in Calgary)
Here's some shots of the interior. (the chandelier took my breath away by the way)

Now feast your eyes on the talented Camille Prins (she's the lovely gal looking towards the camera wearing the headband)


Next up was Adejoke Taiwo.......


The next couple of days were extremely busy....see my next post of Wednesday's shows. I figured that it would be a better idea to break down my posts, it makes it easier for me to keep track of things lol....


  1. How lovely to see normal sized models! Thanks for sharing!

  2. @Michael St. James....Yes I know! I was happy to see "real" women on the runway:)

  3. I love all of Adejoke Taiwo outfits, she is so talented. Wow you had some good seats! Good Job!!


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