Monday, October 26, 2009

I'd Like To Introduce You To........

Well peeps, I've got an interview that's well overdue! I'm proud to present a lovely lady by the name of Megan M. Eckman. She runs an Etsy shop called Studio M.M.E. filled with amazing Victorian inspired illustrations that are sure to enhance your space. In addition to finding unique artwork, you can also choose from an interesting selection of black & white photography, (taken with a 60-year-old Kodak Duaflex II). If you don't already know this by now, I personally have a 'love thang' for Vintage cameras (hence my recent post on Polaroids and my recent purchase of a vintage Richoflex). So I truly appreciate the photos that are available on her site~

As usual peeps, I ask that you sit back and enjoy another fab interview. Let's get to know the talented artist behind Studio M.M.E.

What city are you based out of?
I'm based out of Fargo in wintery North Dakota.

How did you yow get started? And how long have you been an artist?
I started my Etsy shop after I stumbled upon the site. I really loved the artists selling on the venue and knew it was the place for me. I've been an artist since I was little. I'm currently pursuing a dual degree in English and art, and will further pursue my education in graduate school.

Where do you get your inspiration from?Are you ever uninspired? If so, how do you get over the slump?
I get a lot of my inspirations from the random things my boyfriend says. He's constantly saying things like, "What would you do if I was a bird watcher?" and next thing I know, I'm illustrating, "The Ornithologist's Wife".I get into slumps all the time. What really helps is just to take a 20 minute walk with my antique camera in hand. That always seems to help.

Name one item that you can't live without?
I certainly can't live without my books. I'm a bit of my bibliophile.

Any advice for newbies starting out?
My advice is to be patient and keep at it. It took me almost six months before I had some constant sales. There were many times where I didn't think it was worth it to keep my Etsy shop open, but I had opened the shop to prove to my parents that I COULD make a living as an artist. If you have a dream to support yourself as an artist, you have to go for it with all you've got!

It's time for me to showcase my favourite pieces from Studio M.M.E.!

Let's start off with my fave illustrations......

And now for my fave Black & Whites......

As I was reading through Megan's Etsy profile I discovered some FA-BU-LOUS news!!!

Three of her prints wer made into lockets by Polarity!!! Oh, how I love lockets~

Megan M. not only an American illustrator & photographer, but a printmaker, crafter, creative writer and blogger as well. CLICK HERE to visit her blog:)


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