Saturday, October 3, 2009

Spinning Music For The Masses......

Well it's Saturday night, and I think it's snowing right now!!!! It sure as hell doesn't look like rain, so's snow flurries! Blah...I was expecting this in like December, not the beginning of October:)

As the temperature drops on the outside, I started to think about what some of my fave things to do are.....Well for one, I love being out on the dance floor doing my thang, even though tonight is definitely not the night. So, instead of having a night on the town, I'm sitting here listening to some good beats and have an interview to post, that's well overdue.....

Tonight I'd like to introduce you to Andre Deejay Rodriguez (aka DJ Andre 905), who spins hip hop, r&B, reggae, and soca.

What city are you based out of?
I live in Mississauga, Ontario. Mississauga is a suburb of Toronto, Canada.

How did you get started? And how long have you been a DJ?
I started djing about 2 and a half years back. I got into djing because I have always been a fan of music in general. I have a large collection of vinyl and cds. I was at a new years eve jam one year where the deejay was horrible and it inspired me to deejay. I knew what the crowd wanted to hear and decided to deejay from that moment onwards.

Do you do this full-time?
I don't do this full time as I have 9-5 but I am working towards making this a full time venture. I am taking steps to get this set up and in place.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I get my inspiration from various things. I can get inspiration from listening to another deejay play or from watching a commercial on TV. Inspiration can happen at any time and can come from anything.

Are you ever uninspired? If so, how do you get over the slump?
As a deejay, like most artists, there are times when you feel inspired and down. However, I try to look at the bigger picture and look towards my goals. I will usually go onto youtube and watch videos of DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Roc Raida (rip), DJ A Trak, DJ M Rock, etc and once watching those videos, I feel re-energized and hit my tables.

Name one item you can't live without?
I cannot live with my turntables. I feel as if my turntables are a porthole into a new world for me.

What's the Hottest song out right now?
Wow, that's a tough question. Its hard for me to pick just one song. I can name a couple songs off the top of my head. "I Run The Show" by Drega (he is my artist) and "Fear" by Drake.

Have you got any special projects on the go right now?
Right now, I am working on a mixtape featuring artists from Canada and the Southern United States. It should be dropping by the beginning of November so stay on the look out for that. Also, I am working on another mixtape with my homeys from Diamond Cut Soundcrew (DJ Kaya, DJ Beeware, & DJ Kurrupt). Look out for this tape to be dropping shortly.

Any advice for newbies starting out?
Never follow the norm and be creative. No one wants to see another Jazzy Jeff, A Trak, P Plus, etc. Be different and don't follow what other deejays play or mix.

You can check out DJ Andre 905's weekly radio station show called Royalty Radio airing every Tuesday night from 8-9 pm EST live at (FM 91.9 in the Toronto area - University Of Toronto at Mississauga). for more info!!!

Follow him on twitter,

Or check him out on facebook!


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