Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Monday y'all!!!

Now sure what the weather's like where you live.....but Mother Nature turned a cold shoulder on me today! It was freakin cold and I just wasn't ready for it. But rather than be in a foul mood, I've found some lovely items today that made me smile so you know I had to share......

The cutest pendants at The Poppy Tree

The cutest Ipod Cases by hine [pronounced - "hee-neh"]

For the avid sewers out's this for a little Tic Tac Sew by Onelatenight

I've got a thang for Feathers so I had to post this fabulous hair accessory by Ethereal Creations

Here's some innovative fashions at Peeko Apparel in Vintage

And last but not's more amazing bracelet's created by my friend Alyshia's Dad! (I know that I've said this before, but he's the coolest!!!) Hit me up at you want to order one!

I'm out y'all

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