Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Men's Fashion - Vintage Style

Tonight, I'm gonna post a little something with my male readers in mind.

Y'all know by now that I've got a thing for vintage and I've found more lovely finds to showcase, but they'll have to wait for another day. So, to all the females out there who live a vintage inspired life stay tuned...

But, right now I'm focusing on Men's vintage! Hope you enjoy:)

FYI - this was not an easy task. I painstakingly searched high and low and luckily I found some images worth posting. I've said this before and I'll say it again....thank goodness for Etsy~
Oh and click on the Etsy shop names above each photo if you like what you see. It'll link you straight to their site



AuntChristys vintage cufflinks

Apocalypse Vintage


EllieBelle Designs

Here's some photos I found on Flickr (another fabulous site for sourcing out dope style) courtesy of Ed Marshall Photography 2008

Now for all the hip hop heads out there, I'm gonna be posting some urban style finds real soon!

I'm out for now~


  1. Some really cool picks! I want to find my Mr. a really fun vintage shirt. He's a fan of elegant button-downs.

  2. @Dream Sequins....Oh I am so glad that you enjoyed my picks! I hope you find a cool vintage shirt for your Mr.! Let me know if you do....would love to see a photo~


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