Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The "Bag of Scraps" (from American Apparel) that I posted last night has really got my creative juices flowing.....

I was gazing through Lori Sandstedt's Etsy shop (she's the mastermind behind that lovely apron I posted a while back - click here for a reminder) for some "recycled fashion eye candy"

Had to share some of my fave photos of her work~

I knew that combining different types of fabric together to create one item would turn out brilliantly......these photos confirm it:)

Time to switch gears! I'm sooooo excited! Jay-Z is coming to Calgary October 14 and I've got tickets!!!!
His 11th album "The Blueprint 3" dropped in the US yesterday (and will be hitting the UK & International markets within a few days)

I've already heard some of the tracks (cause as you know they were leaked before the release) and I'm lovin it.....

So in celebration I had to post a little Jay-Z

Before I head on out for the night.......

I just got an email letting me know that The Little Burgundy Shop (if you haven't read my post yet - click here peeps), has got a little promo going on

Between now and Sunday, September 20, my readers & I can receive 15% off all online purchases at

Just use this promotional code before checkout: LBSHOESF09 and you'll be good to go!

Night peeps.....


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  1. i love the scarves so very much! love that she is recycling!


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