Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm In The Mood To Showcase Some Fabulous Belts!!!

Before I get started with my post tonight, I just want to say that today has been so hot, that it's ridiculous!!! Seriously, my toes were sweating today! I know, I shouldn't complain really, but having 33 degrees Celsius (that's like 91.4 degrees Fahrenheit), on September 23 is pretty crazy.

Anyhoo, tonight I plan to showcase some fierce looking belts. After today's heat wave I should be posting about summer dresses lol.. but, I've always loved added a belt to an outfit. It can totally complete an outfit......

So, I did some searching and here are some of my fave picks.......

First up, I found a fab black leather obi cinch corset style wrap belt by
Elizabeth Kelly for $30.00 US on Etsy.

There's a red version too! - So, you can get the red leather wrap corset style cinch belt for only $35.00!!! Wicked!

At Rusty Cuts on Etsy, I found another fab corset-inspired belt!

Thought this belt was pretty cool from QueenLondonsCarriage

Ooh and this Wide Leather Tan Belt from the Pila Shoppe??? is FIERCE!!!

The last belt that I wanna show you is from Black Cat Boutique - Love it!!!

I'm out peeps!

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  1. i love the obi style belts at the top

  2. @PinkBow.....I know the "obi" belts are wicked!!! I'm being drawn to the red's quite the statement piece:)

  3. I'm drawn to the QueenLondonsCarriage belt! It kinda reminds me of Fendi for some reason?!?

  4. @Michael St. James.....yes you're right! It does have a Fendi feel:)


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