Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Love Getting Mail!!!

I know that this is an old school concept, but the thought of getting mail, stirs a whack load of emotions; anticipation, excitement, happiness, appreciation just to name a few.

Well, I got home from work today to find mail addressed to myself and The Creative Mixx!!

I was trying to rack my brain, trying to think what the contents could be. So, I quickly ripped that envelope open while my heart was beatin a mile a minute. Oh, the excitement y'all!

I pulled out the letter and opened it up. And guess what?????

I just got my official Media Pass to Alberta Fashion Week 09 yo!!!!

It's taking place here in Calgary from October 4th to 10th. Nope, I didn't make it to the NYC Fashion Week, but I got hooked up in Calgary. Stay tuned for 7 days of fashion blogging covering independent designers, runway shows, trunk sales and maybe a party or two.

I've got a couple of weeks to get some outfits together.......can't wait!!!

Now, although I may love to receive mail and I also like to send mail.

So, I've been following Deanne's cool blog Dream Sequins and about a month ago she came up with this fabulous idea - "Postcards from my hometown". In a nutshell, the concept was to send two people postcards from your hometown. We could write as much or as little as you we liked. Well the deadline is today and I had intended to find some really cool postcards. But I'm a procrastinator and I left it to the last minute lol.

I went out on my lunch break today in search of something "fierce", but all I found was "cheesy" boring postcards of Calgary landscapes. Then I thought, why not make them, so I bought some stuff and attempted that, but I just wasn't feelin it. So, I remembered that I had some cool cards that I had bought from Veer ! (a local Calgary business)
These are perfect, so I just mailed them off!! One went to India, the other to England~

I'm out...... But don't forget that the GIVEAWAY ends this Thursday!!



  1. OMG That's not fair you got a media pass to fashion week! I didn't think I could get one to the one in my city, but I was sadly mistatken. UGh.

  2. OMG I wanted to go to my fashion week here in Charlotte, but didn't know I could have gotten a press pass. UGH Not fair. Have fun though :D

  3. @Christian Nathaniel....lol I figured that it was worth a try to find out if I could get a pass in my city. All they coulda said was no....
    I think it'll be alot of fun....I'll definitely be posting about it!!

  4. OMG...HAVE FUN! Can't wait to see the updates!

  5. Yayy!! woo hoo I can't wait to see all that you post.

  6. @Micheal St. James....I am soooo excited. I'm sure it'll be loads of fun and you know I'll be talkin about it:)

    @Reese...Yes girl! Like I said I'm excited and honoured! Stay tuned for updates!

  7. wow- how fun!!! have a great time!

  8. a great project, looking forward to receiving mine!

  9. @jenloveskev.....Thanks! I think it will be amazing:)

    @PinkBow.....I know it was a fabulous idea....can't wait to see what I'll get either!


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