Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Saw The Fiercest Looking Red Leather Jacket on Etsy.....

If you've signed up to receive emails from Etsy .....then you know what I'm talking about.

I stopped dead in my tracks after I saw the hottest vintage leather jacket ever!!!

Wowsers!!! Erstwhilestyle has the most amazing vintage fashions!!! I love the fact that every item tagged as "vintage" is seriously, at least 20yrs. old (if not older)
Each piece is hand-picked with current trends in mind. The end result is superb!!!

So, before I head out on this lovely Saturday afternoon, I wanted to share some items that should blow you away......

With 95 of the fiercest items to choose from, head over to Erstwhile Style Vintage Clothing for some vintage eye candy:)

I had to post this song for y'all cause it's the weekend!!!

Oh and there's one more day to enter for the fab GIVEAWAY I've got going on....

CLICK HERE for details


  1. I have always wanted a red leather jacket. I was just always scared it wouldn't match anything. That being said, I bought an apple green puffy jacket last year, and it matches nothing, yet I still wear it.

    That jacket kind of reminds me of the one Michael Jackson wore in Thriller, but like a girl version.

  2. Ahhh that red jacket is SOOO HOT!!

  3. @Staci & L....Yes this red jacket is definitely HOTTT! It does remind me of the female "thriller" version - love it!!!


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