Sunday, September 20, 2009

Portobello West Was A Blast!!!

Hey y'all! I just came back from the Portobello West event here in Calgary and it was worth every penny of my $5.00 admission! I headed down to the Big Four Building with my friend Alyshia this afternoon to see what was in store...... And, although it was my first time attending, I was prepared to be "wowed" by amazing talent. Carlie Smith was absolutely right, (read her interview by clicking HERE), there was an abundance of artists & designers showcasing original pieces. It was great to meet people who were truly passionate about their work......And having a dj spinning wicked tunes in the background was a bonus.

Seriously.....there were some creative folks at this event. I've got a wish list of some of my faves that I hope to purchase within the next few months.

I stopped by Chartreuse Designs and saw amazing hand crafted glass jewelery. A bracelet caught my eye first, then a pendant, but the ultimate must-have is the interchangeable ring. When I saw this ring, I gasped! It is definitely my style, so I will have to add one of these babies to my jewelery collection!!!!

The beauty about this ring is that you can buy additional glass beads to change the look!!! Love it!!!

Meghan Wagg had another fierce looking ring that I had to try on. It looks a little dangerous lol, but it is so comfortable.

Good grief I was fascinated by rings today, cause Blue Box Design had another ring that is so interesting that I need one!

There were some gorgeous necklaces at this booth as well!

I'm going to include one final Portobello West fierce find....(cause I gotta head off to a hockey game in a few minutes) But I will be showcasing some artists in more detail on future posts. So stay tuned for that:)

At BauXo, where "the greatest accessory is a passion for life", I fell in love with earrings, necklaces, bracelets & rings!!!

1luv peeps


  1. @Michael St. James....I know that green bracelet is wicked!! I'm gonna have to get me one:)


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