Monday, September 21, 2009

I've Got Another Surprise In Store For Y'all......Yep, It's Time For Another Giveaway!!!

Happy Monday peeps! I am so excited tonight, cause there's another Giveaway on The Creative Mixx!!!

I received an email by a lovely gal named Kate of OMSHANTI HANDCRAFTS , who was gracious enough to offer some of her fab products for a giveaway! Absolutely amazing!!!

Honestly? I feel so honoured. So, I am happy to give you an inside look to the creative spirit behind Omshanti Handcrafts. Enjoy:)

How did you get started?
I moved to Colorado from Pennsylvania a couple of years ago, and while I love the dry air here, it does a number on my skin! I'd already dabbled in herbal stuff a bit, thanks to a friend teaching me, but I didn't really get started until I realized how much I'd need it.

The very first thing I made was a batch of Scratch
& Dent Salve and I immediately followed it up with several lip balms. That was a good start but I didn't do much more until I wound up working at Walmart -- it was the only job I could find. Well, that was pretty awful so I decided instead I'd start selling my work.

That was about a year and a half ago now and I love it! It's longer hours than I've worked at any other job I've ever had and I don't care a bit. I love making my products, I love coming up with new things to create and I even love figuring out advertising and marketing.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
All sorts of places -- I thought of my Into The Woods Soap while I was hiking,

and the idea for my Cinnamon Ginger Clove Massage Oil actually came from a short story by a friend.

Other things -- like Kittery's Scar Salve
-- are requests from friends. Kittery's had a lot of surgery over the last couple years and wanted something to help the scars heal clean, so I whipped something up for her. I know she's not the only one out there so deciding to offer it to my customers was an easy choice.

Tell us one thing that most people don't know about you.
Oh, boy -- that's a tough one, I talk about myself too much on my blog already! I think a lot of people don't know that I used to play ice hockey on my neighbor's pond. I wasn't ever any good at it but it was a lot of fun! I even have a chipped front tooth as a souvenir.

Any advice for newbies starting out?
Do it. Dive in. Don't be afraid -- or at least don't let the fear stop you. Find your dreams and live them. Do it!

Now you know that I have to post my "must have" picks.......

So, since winter is just around the corner (blah, I know it sucks....) I figured I'll need some products to keep me protected from the bitter cold weather that we get here in Calgary.

I'll need to get me some of these,

The Wintry Mix Lip Balm

Lark's Spicy Footy Salve

I know I'm gonna need The "Long Day Down the Drain Bath Oil" to relax after a long dreadful day battling the cold.....

There's 76 beautiful items at OMSHANTI HANDCRAFTS so visit the site by clicking HERE to find natural bath and body products made right from Kate's kitchen.

Now it's time to reveal the GIVEAWAY!!!


Yes that's right y'all, you have the chance to be the proud owner of three new products...

A bar of Patchouli Vanilla Soap

A bottle of Kyphi Massage & Bath Oil

A Tin Of Everything Citrus Ever Lip Balm

The Contest Rules are the same as last weeks:

Contest period:
Monday September 21, 2009 until Sunday September 27, 2009

Ways to win:
1. All followers (both existing and new ones during the contest period) get one entry.
2. If you leave a comment telling me what your fave Omshanti Handcraft item is?, will get you one entry, (that means 2 entries for followers who comment).

Note: If you would like to enter and do not have a blogger account, you will get one entry by sending me a comment via email to: And if you post a comment as "Anonymous"... that's cool. You will get one entry as well, but please send me an email with your contact info.

I will draw the winner on Sunday September 27, 2009, post it (of course) and will notify you via email (or blog post) that night!!!

Kate will send you off this fab prize pack!!!!

Click Here to get to Omshanti Handcraft


Thanks For Supporting The Creative Mixx!!!!



  1. - Love this! Makes me relax just thinking about it! Great stuff!

  2. @Starbaby...great choice!!! Thanks for following! You've been entered twice!!! Good luck girl:)


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