Thursday, September 10, 2009

Psst.....I've Got Some News For Ya!!!!!

Hey y'all I have some exciting news for ya. You're not gonna wanna miss my post tomorrow! I don't wanna GIVE too much away so I won't. You'll just have to check back with me on Friday for the details.

In the mean time, I've found a few lovely things to speak on, so here goes....

First, straight out of Mount Vernon, Ohio is a woman who discovered her creative side @ the prime of her life (that's mid 30's peeps!)

Sandy Sarsfield of thatSandygirl on etsy, has beautiful hand-crafted jewellery inspired by countrysides, gardens, nature and architecture....sp romantic.

Here are my faves:

Next up...I've got Diana Rajchel, a perfume designer with an etsy shop called
Magickal Realism- a first for The Creative Mixx!
Using natural materials, Diana creates lovely scents and presents them with a vintage feel. It's quite the process to make a perfume: from infusing a series of plants in oils, to creating tinctures (didn't know what that was peeps - did some research and discovered that tinctures are fragrant materials, produced by directly soaking and infusing raw materials in ethanol.) - who knew?

With 182 items to choose from, you can grab yourself a perfume that makes you smell good and is ECO friendly? - now that's what I'm talking about!

Last but not least, I'm gonna post a video that I saw on a blog I follow. My girl Empress Journee of Bangnant Blog keeps me up to date with wicked music.

This video was So Hott!!! I had to share - Thx girl:)

Nyle "Let The Beat Build" from Nyle on Vimeo.



  1. I was stopping by for today's big reveal, but I guess I'm too early. Meanwhile, I just have to say that I want one of those butterfly necklaces. If I wasn't so paranoid about a necklace calling more attention to my ugly tracheotomy scar, I'd buy one now.

    I think Etsy shops may be a dangerous endeavor for me and my wallet.

  2. @Staci....Yes you are early:) Glad that you are checking in though!
    I'm posting the moment I get home from work....

  3. Like Staci, I was stopping by for today's big reveal as well. Fabulous pieces though!


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