Monday, September 14, 2009

Portobello West Hits Calgary on September 18, 19, & 20th & I've Got The Inside Scoop!!!

Well peeps, I heard about Portobello West from Jeff Faye , (I showcased his creative work a while here for a recap). After doing a little investigation, I knew that I had to attend, cause It's right up my alley! FYI - Jeff will be there as well:)

I could have written a little blurb about it, but I thought it would be cool to get the info from someone who knows this event inside and out.

So, I contacted Carlie Smith and requested an interview. I knew that she'd be crazy busy and didn't think that she'd have the time......

But guess what???? I've got the interview.

Please meet Carlie Smith, Director of Portobello West Market

For all of my readers who don't already know, what is Portobello West and how did it come to be?
Portobello West is a fashion and art market that was started in Vancouver in August 2006. We began holding semi-annual markets in Calgary in 2008 and are now here every Spring and Fall just in time for the new seasons. Each market has over 60 talented, Canadian designers and artists selling their original, one-of-a-kind work.

How did you get involved in organizing this event?
I created the event after living and working in London, England where I fell in love with going to the weekly markets. I really enjoyed being able to find something completely original. I also found that the pieces I bought had more meaning to me as I had met the person who had made/designed them and heard the stories behind their creations. When I returned to Canada after 2 years living abroad, I felt that we were missing out on this kind of event and decided to start the market.

I'm planning on attending, what can I expect?
As an attendee you can expect to find original pieces from a wide assortment of artists and designers. We have designers that are passionate about the environment and thus use sustainable fabrics like Elroy Apparel to artists like Jeff Faye who uses another persons “trash” to create original “treasures” like art and home d├ęcor pieces. You will also find something that is all you, something noone else has and something that you will cherish for years to come.

How can independent artists get involved in future events?
We are always looking to work with up and coming artists and designers. If they would like to participate in the market they can find the full details on how to book at

Here's a glimpse to what you can find this upcoming week-end.


Note: Designs from Morena will also be showcased at this event. I've posted some photos in a previous post click here for another recap.

I'm pretty excited about Portabello West and can't wait to meet some creative peeps!

If you're in Calgary, stop by for a visit. I plan to go on Sunday afternoon~

Recap on the details:

Portobello West
Saturday 18, 19, 20
Big Four Building
Stampede Park
1410 Olympic Way SE
$5 Admission (children 12 and under get in free!)

Night y'all!

Oh, I just wanted to remind you that the Giveaway Contest for those fab "yellow canary pearl earrings", ends this Thursday September 17th.

All followers are automatically entered for one chance. And if you've commented on that post (click here if you haven't), you've been entered twice.


  1. you really need to tell me if you have facebook because it's not often I come across Black Calgarian chicks who are cultured and dig the same interests as me! &&& you were definitely right about Kanye's apology, in my eyes he is too implusive and doesn't speak befor he thinks, then he apologizes after...SMH

  2. @becurious not what a sweet comment girl!
    Yes I've got facebook!! I'll comment on your blog to FB link up:)


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