Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nokomis Clothing - 7 years Up and running!!!

I stumbled on a fabulous clothing store called Nokomis Clothing located in Edmonton, Alberta a couple of weeks ago and I've been following their blog ever since.....

Jessica Kennedy oversees the operation of the Nokomis store and clothing line and Elizabeth Hudson designs the Nokomis house collection and manages production of the line in addition to running the Nokomis studio.

Here's why I've fallen madly in love with this store, (will have to visit on my next trip to Edmonton)

- The store is beautifully decorated
- They carry exclusively Canadian-crafted and designed clothing & accessories, where all items are handpicked showcasing the "best of the best" in Canadian talent
- They have their own "house line"
-New stock arrives regularly -
-The Fall '09 Preloved Collection is currently available! (if you haven't heard about Preloved, I'll be posted about the clothing line real soon)

Well folks! This week marks their 7th year anniversary!!! And to celebrate these lovely gals are hosting a party to celebrate!

If you're in Edmonton this Thursday, September 10th, head over to 10318-82 ave. The party starts at 4 and ends around 9 or so. Expect prizes, tasty treats, some drinks, discounts and prizes. It'll be good times peeps

NOKOMIS CLOTHING (Click their name and you know the drill peeps - it'll take you straight to their site)
Check out the space

Here's a peek at the Nokomis house line

Check out their blog @ http://nokomisclothing.blogspot.com/

Now for some more Great News!!!

I finally got my package from American Apparel y'all. I was getting worried, thought I was gonna have to start tracking my package. But when I got home this evening....it was here.

So, this is what I got:

I say....let the creative projects begin!!!! (I'm thinking a braided belt with a bow first?)

1luv peeps:)


  1. Hi!
    Thank you for comening on my blog!
    Yepp, the adidas bag is almost wourth the guilt:)

  2. omg im loving that clothing line (nokomis). i will definitely have to check it out next time im in E-town.

    ps - i have someone in mind you might want to interview for your blog, email me :)


  3. @Mich....I'm gonna do the same, next time I'm in E-town.

    I'll send you an email....

    Thx girl:)


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