Monday, August 31, 2009

Art Talk

Wow....I can't believe another week has begun! Seriously, the week-end just flew by...

Well, even though Monday has crept up on me in no time, I am totally prepared for my post this evening:)

I've showcased photography, fabulous fashion finds, lovely ceramics, musical madness, jewellery to die for and more......

But tonight, it's time to showcase a visual artist!

So sit back & get yourself comfy, cause I'm about to introduce you to another talented individual.

Meet Ashley McKenzie-Barnes, a talented artist, illustrator and graphic designer who has caught the attention of many, (including director LilX, screenplay writer/actress Trey Anthony, Garvia Bailey of 99.1FM and magazine editors of CREAM, Caribana and SWAY).

1. What city are you based out of?

2. How did you get started? And how long have you been an artist/designer?
I actually have been in the arts from a very young age. I used to go to a Creative Arts camp when I was young, and it was my grade 4 teacher who mentioned that I should look into an Art Academy for high school. So I followed that advice and have been really focused on the arts since.
It's been over 10 years that I have been doing visual arts, and over 5 years that I've been doing design.

3. Where do you get your inspiration from?
I'm big on beauty and I know that I base my art around it. If I'm moved from a person, picture,
scene, I like to capture it/them. That's why I love doing portraits so much. People love to capture themselves in beautiful photographs and then I enjoy turning it into art and giving them something they can keep for life and is still original to them as well.

"Love of Beauty is taste. The Creation of Beauty is Art."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson.

4. Are you ever uninspired? If so, how do you get over the slump?
Like everything you do, you reach a point were you get "artist block" and yes it can be uninspiring. However, these things do not happen in vain, and it's usually a good sign that there needs to be change somewhere. So every time that happens I take some time to re-invent and think of new creative strategies to get be focus back. That can been a new element to my art, a new project, or even a class to take that will add to my work.
Whatever it is, I use the time to progress and grow.

5. What are you currently working on?
I am currently work on a new series of portraits, commissioned and personal. The Fall issue of Sway, and the building of my studio for beginning of 2010. Stay tuned!

Any advice for newbies starting out?
Always work on what YOU feel passionate about. Don't give away all your energy and passion to others. Work together, that what life is about, but always save some of your talents for yourself too. They have been given to you for a reason.

Continue to strive for your goals!

Feast your eyes on Ashley's talented work!!

Let me direct you to Ashley's website for more wonderful works of art & innovative graphic design. Check out



  1. @Reese....I know!! Ashley's work is amazing! I'm going to get something from her to grace the walls of my home:)

    Can't wait~


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