Friday, August 28, 2009

Last Night It Was All About The Shoes....Shoes.....Glorious Shoes!

Well peeps....the Little Burgundy Store Opening was off the hook!!!

I haven't posted any "shoe" related style finds on my blog yet, cause I strategically planned for this post to be the first!

Owned by The Aldo Group, Little Burgundy is a "hot" spot for the latest in shoe fashions. Here, you'll feast your eyes on branded footwear, handbags & accessories. I'm talking Juicy Couture, Adidas, Melissa, Puma, Rocket Dog, Steve Madden y'all! By the way, I'm naming just a few, cause there's over 70 brands available in store - crazy!!

So, I promised that I'd take loads of pics and I haven't let you down.

I walked in to this lovely store and seriously? I was in awe, (felt like I died and went straight to shoe heaven)

This is what I like to call "Fierce"

Sneaker Shots

You'll be "Stylin" in the rain with these boots

They've got dope accessories too y'all

And here's the best part!!! Are you ready?? You sittin down??
Not only did I get a sneak peek at the Little Burgundy Store before it's grand opening (which is scheduled for today), but I got a coupon to select one item from the store!!! That's right I got to choose whatever I wanted!!!

It was one of the hardest choices that I've ever had to make lol....

So I had it down to two pairs

I had to go with the boots, cause Fall's around the corner, you know?. Aren't they fierce??

Well I'm out y'all. Can't say this enough, but I'm gonna have to make my way back to Little Burgundy real soon. If there's a store in your area then head on out....if not - Check them out online:)


  1. it looks like i would love this store, im about to check out their website now and look for locations. oh and the ones you picked are hott!

  2. How did you get that lucky shoe wise? I'd be like a kid in the candy store, too, so long as they carried size 5's. They probably wouldn't though, unless they had a kid's section.

    I gave you an award on my blog. Here's the link: Blog Award. Maybe it will go with the shoes, LOL.

  3. @Juicy Carter.....yep you would definitely love this store girl!!
    It's amazing! And thx for lovin my new boots. Can't wait to wear them, (don't mind if Fall arrives sooner than it should lol)

    @Staci at Just Bloggled.....Seriously, I'm looking over at the lovely shoe box and I'm still thinking is this for real. I've pinched myself a few times (just to confirm lol)
    Oh...I checked online and yes they carry size 5's!

    Thanks again for the blog award!! Yep it definitely goes with the new boots!!!

  4. wow- those are some great shoes!!! I think I want them alll!!

  5. Girl you are good narrowing down to the boots, they are hot but I would have had problems choosing. Actually I wear size 10/11 so that usually helps me narrow down my choices. Wish stores in Canada carried big sizes all the time.
    I love the purple adidas want them or some high tops!!

  6. I like your stlye And your site is the Shit Im Following you check uot my I need some followers

  7. @Jen and I are on the same page girl:) I want them all too!

    @Curlylox...the cool thing was the fact that they had a lot of sizes to choose from, (there were size 5's in the house straight to the 10/11's)
    Oh and their sneakers were dope, contemplated getting a pair for about a minute lol.....

    @Jotwice....thanks for the blog love:) I checked out yours and it's cool - love it & following~

  8. great selection of shoes...and bags!

  9. @PinkBow.....I know! The selection at Little Burgundy is wicked~

  10. i know whos foot that is in the studded heel..... heehee she posted it on HER blog!

    sweet choice on the boots! im gonna have to check this store out very soon since everyone is raving about it!

  11. @Mich....Well you know Calgary is such a small city lol....

    Yes you should definitely check this store out....It's off the hook - for real~


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