Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If I......

I was doing a little thinking about life and I've gotta say that I'm pretty satisfied. But I'm always on the hunt for things that I'd love to have. It's all innocent really:)

So I figured I'd title today's blog "If I......"

You see if I baked more than once every two years (I do enjoy cooking, but baking? that's another story lol), I'd wear an apron like this.....

And if I "funkdified" my kitchen to look like this (including the stove - love it ), I think I'd bake more?

If I could sew, I'd own this sewing machine (now I've had 3 in my lifetime...never learned to sew), but with this one? I think I would!

And if I had the money? I'd own a boutique that looks a little something like this....

Aw....wishful thinking

Night peeps:)


  1. I would open a boutique like that too. im following you, please subscribe and follow me :)


  2. awww such cute stuff! everything is so bright and colorful and cheerful!

    and... YAY for finding a fellow Calgary blogger!!! so exciting!!

  3. @Jackie.....thx for showing some luv:) I've checked out your blog and I'm now a follower....

    @Mich....I love the bright colours too!....I had to tell the "showroom" story to my friends at work today...and the consensus is "EWWWWW"

  4. cute things. i love the color in them!

  5. @chetzmosa.....I know the colours are so vibrant!

  6. I love the apron. It almost makes me want to cook...almost.

  7. @Staci....Haha, that apron will do that to ya


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