Saturday, August 22, 2009

Market Collective Recap - Part 1

I left Market Collective today feeling extremely satisfied. There were so many wonderful tables filled with interesting & unique items that my head's spinning lol......

My thoughts on today's event:

Well, I loved the fact that a couple of guys were selling organic lemonade out front for 25 cents - crazy! (I had to grab myself a cup before I went in & - it was sooooo delicious)

Next thing I loved was the admission stamp. It was simply a "hand-drawn heart" in green marker but since I've got the word "Love" tattooed on my right wrist.....I thought that it was so fitting.

Have a look....

Basically there were so many lovely creative peeps in the "house" that I'm posting a little today & a little tomorrow:)

I made a purchase today of a print that I fell in love with......

Sarah Radomsky is the mastermind behind this piece....

Click Here to visit Ink Cauldron Studio

I stopped by a table shared by two lovely gals that caught my eye....
There was pretty jewellery on the right & fun hair accessories on the left, so I had to take some pics....

Meet Kristin Hall of Beadalicious Jewellery

And Jillion Laycock

Two creative divas pose for the camera.......

(Jillian is on the left & Kristin is on the right)

Next I've gotta showcase an artist that pretty much "blew my mind"

These pieces were definitely a work of art (and functional too!)

Let me introduce you to Jeff Faye He's got an amazing gallery so check out his site! (just click on his name) verdict on Market Collective this time around??

Fabulous!!! Can't wait till the next one!

Stay tuned for more pics tomorrow:)
Hope your Saturday was as much fun as mine was!


  1. thanks for the little blog shout out! very nice!

    much love! Jillian


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