Sunday, August 16, 2009

Week-end Shopping!

This week-end I did what I love to do.....I did some shopping!

First thing I bought was that vintage camera I was beaming about a couple of days ago...
I know that I've already posted a pic of this baby, but here it his in my home!

Then I hit a "Value Village type" shop called WIN. And brace yourself, I spent $17.00 bucks for the following digs:
* a tangerine dress (or tunic)
* 2 belts
* "Guess" wide leg jean capris
* a halter vest
* a black tank
* a black T
I love when I find me a deal (or should I say steal!)

Now since I'm still got shopping on my mind, I decided to do some online window shopping.

Here's a little fierceness for y'all:

First up, straight outta Hong Kong - Yellowgoat

Here's some more fierceness from Morena in Victoria, BC

There's more fashion from Morena in this slide show!!!

Before I head on out...

I was reading some blogs last night and I stumbled on this video of Selah Sue.
I've never heard of her before, but I am definitely feelin her vibe.....


  1. omg what a steal! where is that "value village type" store?? i think i might need to check it out!

    p to the s.... i love how on the sidebar you have Break You Off playing... one of the best songs ever!!!

  2. @Mich...The store's off of Maclead Trail - Fisher Park - 134, 71 Ave SE

    I was only in there for like 45min! Imagine what I could have gotten if I was there longer!!!

    Glad you're feeling my tunes:)


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