Monday, August 10, 2009

I Have A Thing For Vintage....

I know that vintage is the new craze nowadays....but I've had a thing for vintage for quite a few years now. Maybe it's cause I was born in the mid 70's and I really lived through the 80's. So I can't help but feel nostalgic when I see a vcr, a cassette player (you know that metallic boom box we'd lug around) , a nintendo game system (with tetris jammed inside), flourescent pink, jelly shoes and I could go on for ever.

I like period pieces too.....things way before my time....things that have history, you know?

Well lately I've bought quite a few cameras, with the hopes of developing a hobby. Some of mine are new, high tech and up to date then I've got others that are straight up old skool.

Well I was searching my local kijiji site (I've gotta say that I love this site.....found some wicked treasures) and I found this camera that I've fallen head over heels for!

I'm gonna contact the seller after I post!!!!

Now since I'm still feeing in that vintage vibe.

So, since y'all were feelin those leather bracelts that I posted last week, I feel that I needed to find something that was just as fabulous.

Now I love me my purses and clutch purses are so lovely......


Are you feelin these clutch purses as much as I am???

Click Here if you do peeps! The shop's called Angeew and you can find it on Etsy (of course lol)

Oh and they have a blog too!!


  1. ok, so not really in relation to the post (though I am also addicted to kijiji.. and vintage in the form of 80's party-attire.. diff story!), but in regards to yer post on my site about the SWAP team.. they are really great at getting back to you with tons of info about hosting a swap. i dunno if you attended the 'recession fashionista' swap the first of May this year (another is scheduled for Oct.. they have a facebook page), but i think the SWAP team could give them a run for their money! It was pretty well organized, but from what I've seen from the Swap team's website, I'd be more likely to get involved with them.. as I hope I can organize as soon as I get to Halifax!

  2. I loveeee vintage...Arrrgh I wish i could have all the purses...they are sooo cute...another nice post....keep it up :)
    Thanks for following my blog

  3. @Woodstu....I sent you a post on your blog last night. Surprisingly enough I didn't procrastinate and I sent off an email to the SWAP team for more info. I checked out the 'recession fashionista' group on facebook and from the pics...the event looked organized to the max.

    @Miss Odukoyaxx...I'm glad you like the purses. I wish I could have them all myself lol....Thx for following girl:)

  4. coming to break you off...coming to break you off...o sorry, i was jammin to your playlist! i LOVE these clutches!

  5. @Michael St. glad I've got you rockin out to my tunes:) I know the clutches are pretty fierce!!


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