Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm Not Scared Of Lions & Tigers & Bears......But Thunder & Lightening? That's Another Story...

Supposedly, last night my city had the craziest storm. It happened around 2am, but I didn't hear a thing. I slept through it all. I mean I had no clue! When I dragged myself out of bed this morning, got ready and headed off to work, all I noticed was evidence of rain (cause my car was all shiny). When I attempted to park my car, I noticed that the residential area had a whack load of debris in the streets. I was like wtf happened last night???

My co-workers filled me in....there was major damage done to homes, cars, and the list can go on. The hail, thunder & lightening and loss of electricity left most people scared out of their minds, while I slept like a baby.

Well it's almost 10pm and tonight the rain is coming down hard with lightening & thunder!!!!

I'm not too freaked out yet....but it's lights out for me right after this post.....

I thought it would be only fitting to post the song "Lions & Tigers & Bears" by Jazmine Sullivan. Now, although I think Jazmine is the bomb, I want to post PG's cover of the song. You know how I love to showcase up & coming talent. Well PG's gonna be in the fore front in no time..

I hope y'all enjoy her rendition.

Before I go, I have to tell you about a CD that I bought off this guy Saturday night outside of Mercury night club. He was just tryin to get his "mixtape hustle" on, (which is pretty hard to do in Calgary). Since I love to support people trying to do their thang, I just had to support. He had 3 options for me to choose from, Hip-Hop (some cats from Montreal), Dancehall Reggae and Roots(concious) Reggae. I chose the Roots Reggae CD with 44 tracks for a mere 10 bucks!!!

And I gotta say the CD is wicked!!! Money well spent.......

4 tracks in and this tune gets me relaxed (even on a night like tonight)

Melody to My Song (2009 Good Love Riddim) - Christopher Martin

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