Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Rainy Stretch Has Begun.....

It's been a full day of rain and supposedly the rain is sticking around straight through the week-end:( Don't expect to see sunshine until Monday....blah I can't stress it enough, but I can't stand the rain. It just brings down my mood. The Reggaefest is hitting my city this Saturday @ Shaw Millenium Park - an outdoor event. Ummm....not sure if I'm gonna make it - the thought of standing in the rain all day? Think I might pass.....

Since I've had to deal with gray & gloom all day, I figured it would be nice to post some beautiful fashion finds & a wicked tunes (covering a mixture of different genres), cause I'm random like that.

First up, straight out of Tel Aviv, we've got Lily Brushtein - a fashion designer who creates garments with an "American Retro" feel.

CLICK HERE to visit Lilybrush if you're feelin this........

Now for some music

An oldie but goodie....

Random new vid that I found.....


Always loved Bonita I gotta love this joint. (It's Bobby Ray again aka B.O.B)


I'm gonna dance my way to bed for a little reading - so I'm out:)



  1. eww ya the rain might put a damper on reggaefest this weekend... but it shouldnt stop the after parties!

  2. @Mich....I know there should be some good after parties goin on...

    Have no idea where they'll be yet lol....but I hope to hit @ least one:)

  3. @Nubiasnonsense...thx for stoppin by & showin some luv:)

  4. Really funky point of view. I like it! Thanks for sharing!

  5. @Dream Sequins.....Aw your welcome! Glad you liked the post:)

  6. @Michael St. James.....I just had to post some Diana - the ultimate diva


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