Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tasty Treats......

I made it to the Hillhurst Farmer's Market this evening for a little browsing.
Initially, I planned to check out the vendors, swing by Kathy & Kelly
and grab some fresh fruits & produce. Well....I did check out the all the tables,
met with Kathy & Kelly (who are real cool chicks), but I didn't grab any fruits & veggies.

I meant to, but the sweet smell of baked goods called me over to a table displaying pies, breads and other sweet treats.

So I bought a loaf of fresh bread baked with bacon (it's absolutely tdf, by the way) and I picked up 2 apricot blueberry crisp squares (which melted in your mouth)

It was absolutely delicious!

Now that I'm well fed....nothing will satisfy me more than posting some fab finds.

I got a comment today from Coco, (from Coco&Lowe) who loved my post on the "Bow Bracelets"

So I decided to search for more "Bow" inspired accessories.

To see all 50 of these "bow inspired" pieces Click Here!

I'm signing off....but before I go, I want to post a video that I heard this morning on Empress Journee's blog "It Sounds Like"

I'm definitely feelin this tune, so I had to post it for y'all:)



  1. YUUUUM!!


  2. @Style&Beyond....I know, everything was so tasty

  3. Some of those headbands are killer! Thanks for the post.

  4. @Michael.....glad you're loving the headbands!

  5. I LOVE those Gossip Girl!


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