Thursday, August 6, 2009

Splish Splash

Hey peeps, hope your day was all good......
Mine was alright. I mean I'm still tryin to cope with this neverending rain:)
K...the picture I just posted isn't of me, but it kinda represents the day I had.
I figured that I would venture out on my lunch break today, (just to get some fresh air and a change of scenery).
I was dressed fairly warm today and had my umbrella, (cause I never leave home without it).
So, my goal was to take a walk around the block, (that's all I was willing to handle for the time being). As I made it to the final stretch (I was literally a minute away from work), when out of nowhere a city bus zooms by and splashes the hell out of me!!!
I was shocked, wet and flippin angry to say the least.... Actually, I was soaked! All I gots to say is I'm firing off an email tonight to our city transit. I mean wtf??? Why in the world would a city driver need to speed down a busy street like that, knowing that it's been raining like forever and there's bound to be a whackload of puddles around. The nerve!
I swear it took a good hour before I was dry.......


  1. lol. it sucks to be the person on the curb =x

  2. @bkashawna...I feel that person's pain lol....know what it feels like!

    Thx for stopping by and following:)


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