Sunday, August 23, 2009

Market Collective Recap - Part 2

Happy Monday to y'all.....

I promised to post more pics of my amazing time at Market Collective. I planned to post them yesterday, but after a very eventful week-end, I was so damn tired lol.
So here goes......

Alyshia & I met two cool guys (Jay & Joel) who were selling some tasty salsa.....

Now I love Salsa. If you remember, I made it to the Salsa Festival this summer for a day full of tasting....

So, there was no question about it, we both had to have a sample - I chose the "hottest" first, (cause I like it like that).

Here's the Bunsen Burner

Alyshia chose the "hot" - The Jon Bon Fire

And I even tried the "mild"

These guys have definitely put the "T" in Tasty! If you wanna get stock up, visit their site
(FYI - they've got an organic line and many more creative mixtures - this isn't your ordinary salsa)

Here are some random photos of things that caught my eye, (I apologize for not crediting the works found in each photo). But, if you're interested in knowing more....I'll hunt out the info for ya:)

To end a lovely afternoon, Alyshia & I listened to the sweet sounds of Lauren Mann!
(Clicking on her name takes you straight to her myspace page)
Love her!


  1. I love local events like this one. It looks like you had a wonderful time! I am hungry for fresh salsa now....

  2. @Dream Sequins....yes local events are so much fun! You get to see the many talented peeps in your local area....
    Haha....glad that I've got you in the mood for salsa:)


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