Sunday, August 9, 2009

Last Night I Surrounded Myself With Wonderful Art

I headed down to Artlife Gallery for the opening of The Ark ( a showcase of recent work by John James aka Erin Ignacio).

Well what can I say? The artwork was fierce & fabulous, the vibe was chill, the convo was great....definitely a wonderful way to spend a Saturday night.

I took some pics with my little point and click digital camera. I'm not entirely impressed with the quality ( should have hauled my Olympus E-420 instead...oh well)

To see the talented works of John James head on down to Artlife Gallery (during August ) if you're in the Calgary area. It's sooooo worth it peeps!

I left before the main event though, K-OS was scheduled to spin. It was gonna be the official after party! But @ 12:45 in the AM I was getting hungry, so I was ready to bounce. I'm sure the party was off the hook though:)



  1. oh wow!!! Nice art!! I really like the fourth picture

  2. @ Miss Odukoyaxx....I know the fourth pic is my fave too! Thanks for stopping by:)

  3. hmmmmm my friend was at Artlife on Sat night too... i wonder if you know him... we'll have to talk!! (twitter??)

  4. know Calgary is such a small city lol...everyone seems to be connected in some way. Yes we will have to talk...don't have twitter, but you could send me an email?


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